Jul 27, 2012

Interview With New Straits Times

Recently i have been contacted and interviewed by Khairul Khalid, a journalist for the newspaper News Straits Times in their Real Estate and Decor Section. The topic was about Haunted Properties. It was a very calm and entertaining session with Mr Khairul as i explained to him about my experiences and journeys with these haunted properties be it from a personal property to public property.

Mr Khairul was also kind enough to be patient while i carried on and explained to him about the commercial value of Paranormal Tours in Malaysia and the impact it will have in our country. I am blessed that during one of my journeys as a paranormal investigator i have had the pleasure of conducting an investigation in Liverpool, England. Even without the necessary and proper equipments, thankfully i got some evidences on camera.

A shot at the NST article

During the interview in Bangsar ( Source - New Straits Times )

Newspaper Article

So in case you missed the interview, you can always view it here (click here) at the New Straits Times website again to read it in full. If you do have any questions regarding your property or needing help in spiritual consultancy, i am always available to be contacted via email at adamvaimetal@gmail.com

Have a good read! 

Last but not least, to all the Muslims i wish you all a happy Ramadhan month!