Mar 24, 2014

Restless Spirit Of A Woman In Betong, Thailand

Sometimes we do not realize how close we are to the 'otherside'.

The pictures below were taken during a conference at a hotel in Betong, Thailand. The person who snapped these pictures did not realize what it inside the picture until he checked it out later.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

First Picture

Second Picture

An entity?
The picture, snapped using a smartphone, shows a blurred image of a 'woman' during the convention. It seems like the 'woman' was hovering on top of the chair where the lady wearing the black hijab is sitting. When asked, the attendees confirmed that no one who looked like the 'woman' was present in the convention.

An enquiry into the history of the hotel should provide more information regarding these images. But i doubt the management would ever want to talk about such things.

Thank you to Afandi Mohd Rafi for these interesting pictures!

Mar 12, 2014

The Issue Of Raja Bomoh and MH370

The disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 on 8th February 2014 made headlines all over the world. The flight was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members vanished from radar on Saturday at 2.40am off the east coast Malaysian town of Kota Bharu.

Since its disappearance, many have came up with all sorts of theory ranging from the plane being hijacked, crashed at sea and many other possibilities as of why the plane went missing. The most far - fetched theory was that the plane was abducted by aliens on its way to Beijing. This theory, which came from users of social media (which i am not surprised), was covered in an article in International Business Times (click here).

I have not made any comments regarding the missing flight, the stolen passport issue or any other issues that were raised during this whole tragedy. I am not an aviation specialist nor do i work with the Malaysian Immigration Department. I watch the updates from reliable news sources and i get on my praying mat and i pray for the well being of those in the missing flight. But there is an issue which i find interesting and is in my field of expertise.

When locating the missing plane using sophisticated and state of the art technology has not turned up any positive results, a man by the name of Ibrahim Mat Zain or known to his followers as 'Raja Bomoh' (Shaman King), came out openly offering his 'help'. How? By locating the missing flight using 'spiritual and supernatural powers'.

Ibrahim Mat Zain a.k.a Raja Bomoh
I have seen a lot of miracles and supernatural stuff happen during my years of being in this paranormal field and as a spiritual healer. Yes, i agree that miracles do happen. The supernatural world do exist. But when i read the comments and saw the rituals performed by this Shaman King, i cant help but have pity on him. Apparently, the fellow also has his own Facebook fan page which you can see by clicking here.

During the first day of conducting his own 'Search and Rescue' operation, the fellow brought with him fish trap hooks and bamboo sticks to use as binoculars. Furthermore, he performed the ritual at the KLIA entrance.

Shaman King on his first day of Search and Rescue

Looking at the photo above, at first glance i thought i was looking at a performance by the Ministry of Tourism for the tourists at KLIA. After all, 2014 is the Visit Malaysia Year. This ritual, probably done with good intent, drew sarcastic remarks from the public. Especially in social media sites. Sceptics went to town with their own home made memes and parodies.

The Shaman King failed on his first Search and Rescue mission. His words were "During my prayer, my eyes hurt and my vision turned black. I think the plane is still in the air or has crashed into the sea. I will come back here (to KLIA) in another two days after performing my prayers and I will bring something". 

Well, he did come again. This time armed with a tikar (mattress) and did another ritual. He failed in locating the plane again, which was not surprising at all. Nonetheless, the Shaman King still stuck to his statement that the plane is either in the air or at sea.

But i am not here to talk about the 'absurd' rituals performed  by the Shaman King nor the results after each rituals done by him.


Each spiritual healers have their own unique technique which they use in their rituals. I have seen healers use nails, coins, a glass of water, strands of hair (sometimes pubic), undergarments, bamboo rods and many others. Although not all of these rituals bore successful results, some actually produced miracles. Like how certain doctors have their own personal way and method in their line of work, same goes to shamans and healers. I daresay that the Shaman King methods would have worked under any normal circumstances, but given the gravity of such situation, his methods have failed him.


Rumor has it that a certain VIP or the country's top leader invited the Shaman King to help find the missing plane. Yes, being a Muslim i try to keep in mind that they are doing it out of good intent, that their hearts were pure. But it could have been done in a much proper way. It does not have to be done at the entrance of KLIA where thousands of tourists arrive in Malaysia, the media from all over the world are watching and making reports, but most of all the family members of the passenger and crew of flight MH370 who might be there witnessing this ritual.

It could have been done in a more discreet place in KLIA. Maybe even at the Shaman King's house. But why the main entrance? We are drawing more unnecessary attention to ourselves. Some might even say that this is a way for the Shaman King to seek cheap publicity for him and his organization. 

I believe that we must not tell people about the good deeds that we do. If done at a more secluded, quiet area and if the method succeeds, then pass on the information to the authorities for further action. This is not the time for being a hero and going back home defeated and humiliated.


Ever since the Shaman King came into the picture, one prominent figure stepped up and criticized the rituals that were done to find the missing plane. This figure is none other than Dr Asri Zainul Abidin who is a former Mufti of Perlis and a lecturer at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). 

Dr Asri slammed the group by saying that those who performed the rituals are heretics and a bunch of fools. He added that such rituals could mislead Muslims and non - Muslims about Islam and its teachings. He also said that even though Quranic verses were used in the rituals, it was not used properly and not according to Islam.

First of all, Islam teaches us to always think positive about others. Be them Muslim or non - Muslim. If the Shaman King wants to help out of pure good intention, then let him be. The whole world saw him performing the rituals and reciting the Quranic verses in his prayers. At least he did something to help in ways that only he knows best. He used his own money, time and energy to help. That is probably more than enough for some of the family members to feel comforted, since not that many members of the public voluntarily offered their help.

It also does not help when you call someone else a fool and an idiot. Most of the passengers are non - Muslim Chinese. But since you are not a fool and not an idiot, i am most certain that you would have seen that this would make non - Muslims more encouraged to learn and know more about another side of Islam, where it has been fused with Malay culture and Quranic teachings. If we were to call these rituals as acts of heresy, we might as well label our traditional Malay wedding as an act of heresy since it is not compliant with the Islamic teachings of the Arabs. After all, the Islam that we all have come to know and love today is already fused with Arabic cultures. I did not realize that God created many cultures and yet wants His servants to follow the cultures of the Arabs.

Second, how can you define what is the right way of using Quranic verses for certain rituals? Is it the way of how God intended it to be or is it the way that humans have said it should be? How are you certain that the Shaman King misused the Quranic verses? Did you hear him asking God for help in the ritual or did he ask for help from Satan himself? Or when he fused Quranic verses and Malay rituals, it became an act of heresy and therefore did not comply with what you have learned?

Maybe we should ask the hundreds of people which this Shaman King has helped their lives become better with his 'foolish and un - Islamic rituals'. After all, he did help with numerous high profile search cases such as the Highland Towers tragedy, Kuala Dipang flood and the Mona Fandey murder case to add to his 50 years of experience in the spiritual field. If this guy truly is doing acts of heresy, i do not think he would have survived for 50 years doing what he is doing now. Otherwise, he would have ended up like Ayah Pin.

There are people in this world whom are gifted by God to perform miraculous things for the benefit of humanity. Who are we, as humans, to deny God's will and creation? We make mistakes, God does not.


Do not misunderstand me. I am not here to defend the Shaman King nor to condemn anyone. I am not saying that we should believe in what the Shaman King believes in, i am saying that we should believe in God. I am only saying that many know God exists, but many do not believe in God.  I am only saying that the rituals which the Shaman King performed could have been done in a much proper way without attracting too much attention. I am only saying that we should all stop condemning others who wants to help while we do nothing but criticize and complain. It is of no use that we complain when tragedy has already struck, but prevention is always better than cure.

This is a good lesson for all spiritual healers, for prominent religious figures, for the government and ultimately, for humanity.

This is a good lesson for all of us.

Another way to help is by joining a crowd sourcing campaign launched by DigitalGlobe to track the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Check out the page by clicking here.

Mar 4, 2014

Hasad Dengki, Tanah Kubur dan Jarum

Manusia diberikan akal dan nafsu oleh Allah SWT sejak mereka dilahirkan. Dua perkara inilah yang membezakan manusia dan binatang. Kita diberikan akal untuk berfikir supaya kita dapat mengatasi hawa nafsu. 

Namun apa yang bakal terjadi apabila hawa nafsu menguasai seseorang sepenuhnya?

Beberapa hari yang lepas aku berpeluang untuk turut serta mengendalikan satu kes paranormal di sebuah kedai makan. Pemilik kedai mengadu selalu mengalami gangguan pelik, sakit lebam di tubuh badan, serta bilangan pengunjung yang semakin merosot di kedai makan beliau. Amat berbeza dari ketika mereka mula berniaga dahulu. 

Nak kata makanan kedainya tak sedap, tak mungkin. Aku sendiri yang merasa masakan di situ. Sedap.

Manakala pekerja kedainya pula kerapkali ternampak kelibat seorang sami di dalam kedai mereka. Namun apabila didekati, kelibat sami itu terus lesap. Menurut pekerja beliau, penampakan sami itu pada mulanya berlaku di luar kedai tetapi semakin hari semakin menjadi jadi. 

Apabila sesi 'pembersihan' dan 'rawatan' dilakukan, kami semua terjumpa sesuatu yang mengejutkan.

Sebuah tangkal segiempat berwarna putih ditemui di hadapan pintu kedai. Apabila dibuka, kami mendapati tangkal tersebut berisi segumpal tanah kubur dan dua batang jarum. 

Kebiasaannya, tanah kubur dan jarum digunakan untuk ritual ilmu sihir. Simbolik tanah kubur ini ialah untuk menjadikan kedai makan yang dituju tampak kelam dan suram, seperti tanah perkuburan. Manakala jarum digunakan dengan niat untuk membunuh sesuatu perniagaan atau membunuh seseorang. Konsep ini sama seperti konsep santau angin yang menggunakan jarum.

Inilah akibatnya apabila perasaan hawa nafsu telah menguasai akal dan minda seseorang. Manusia sebegini tak ubah seperti seekor binatang. Sihir didahulukan, nafsu diutamakan.

Teringat aku pada ungkapan Mr Singh didalam cerita Seniman Bujang Lapok arahan Tan Sri P. Ramlee:

"Dia punya nasib, dia makan. You punya nasib, you makan.
Apa salah kita sama sama makan?"

Semoga menjadi pengajaran kepada kita semua.