Mar 20, 2013

Bukit Tunku Ghost Hunt

I am sure many of you have heard about the legendary Bukit Tunku house in your search for Top Ten Most Haunted Places in Malaysia before. I personally have gone to the place many times myself. I personally do not find it haunted but rather peaceful. Stories about malevolent spirits and hardcore horror stories about the place are certainly just bedtime stories.

Anyhow, if you read my previous entry here regarding what happened when me and some friends went there, then you would know something weird happened to one of us.

Before setting off to the location, all of us were grouped at Saint's Bar and Kitchen in The Strand, Kota Damansara which is owned by Jeeva Jepp. The crew members for that night were the bar owner himself, Tan Sian HooJoe LeeIsya SulaimanFeris Othman Yunos and Fadzly Tajuddin.

So there we were, with our crude equipments and with most of the members with no experience in ghost hunting (except for me)  went and shot our first paranormal video documentary that night.

Saint's Bar and Kitchen
The food at Saint's bar is actually very good. I highly recommend food lovers to go and check it out. Great food at reasonable prices.

Tan (in charge of the camera) checking out the equipments

On our way to the location

Once we were on site, the crew which was in a happy and jovial mood suddenly turned quiet. We got the equipments we brought and went up to the abandoned house.

Discussion of a strategy

The maid's quarters at the back of the house

The side of the house

The crew getting prepped and ready

There are alot of stories and rumors about this particular house. After research and extensive digging up on old history i found out that the abandoned house used to be an old British colonial house. The family that stayed here before had a misfortune : the wife committed suicide in the first floor bedroom.

The first floor bedroom

We did not have the proper and necessary equipments with us on this first ghost hunting expedition. The best equipment that we have was a Nikon D90 and we used a standard home use video camera with a built in Night Vision function.

Probably the dining hall

Pathway which leads to the maid's quarters

The walkway between the main house and the maid's quarters

The main hall

Was hoping we could catch a glimpse of  'something' peeking inside

The main entrance to the house
It may look like the place is actually alight when we were on site. But it is totally the opposite. For lighting, all we had was a few torchlights.

A picture taken with a camera flash

This is the lighting condition at the time

Personally, like i said before i find this place to be really peaceful and comforting. However, some of us reacted quite differently on site that night.Some felt abit creeped out, some felt happy, while some just couldnt handle the emotional residual energy at the place. It happens to some people.

If you wanna know what happened during the filming that night, you can watch the video we have uploaded on YouTube on our own personal channel. Conveniently, i have inserted the video in this entry below.

Unfortunately, we did not capture anything on video and EVP that night due to the lack of proper equipments. But we did capture a few weird pictures though. It was a good thing that the Nikon D90 was a very reliable and good piece of equipment. You can check out the pictures below.

The Finding

At first we did not give much heed to these two pictures below. But after further analysis and comparisons, we believe the 'object' that we got are what paranormal researchers would call an 'Orb'. These orbs are said to be made of energy and electricity. It is normally found in places where paranormal activities are happening. The orbs that we caught was bright orange in color and seems to be moving from the first floor to the ground floor.

First Orb Picture
Same angle, taken a few seconds afterwards
Second orb, taken after the first

Same angle as the second picture, a few seconds after

The wall at the back is a solid cement wall. There were no lights that could have gone through the solid wall from the jungle behind. We also tested the walls to see if it could reflect light from the torchlights, but evidently it could not do so.

The second evidence that we found on site was captured when we first entered the location. Best part is, it was right beside one of the crew, Fadzly. It looked like some sort of smoky blue shape which paranormal researchers call Ectoplasm. Normally, this is the second form that entities will take after the Orb.

See the blue smoke beside him? Shaped like a 'W'

At first we also thought that it was the reflection from his jacket. But the picture below is what his jacket would be reflecting off.

This jacket is unadvisable for ghost hunting activities
The last evidence that we found on site was a bit trickier to spot at first. Looked normal as well, but upon careful inspection it looked weird on normal terms.

Can you spot the anomaly?
Zooming in
An orb and a... something?

What does not make sense in this picture is that the orb and apparition of somewhat looked like a face was so high up in the sky. At our current level, it was impossible for it to be lights coming off from a building. Plus there was no other picture of any building in the other pictures in the same area that we took. 

So what does it look like to you? I leave it to you to think about it.

Since it was our first time together as a group and the equipments we had is not meant for activities such as these, we apologize for the quality of some of the footage. Perhaps with much better equipments soon, we could capture more. 

Stay tuned as there will be other more places that we will visit and do a documentary soon. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here. 

Next on our list, a school is reported by the workers to be haunted by an entity which the Malays call 'pontianak' and the spirit of a boy is said to be haunting the school halls. Evidence are currently being analysed now as we speak. 

Do you have any haunted locations you would wish to know the answer to? Or you know someone who has a problem with the paranormal? Contact us at

Til next time!


Alison Alison said...

What is the history behind the hse..?
Damn I would like 2 be there...

chfei said...

actually I saw something from the video, dunno it's consider ghost or not, at 8:05 from the video right top corner there is something look like a spirit passby.

chfei said...

I saw something at 8:05 from the video at the right top corner. look like smoke or spirit passby.

[n] said...

Never knew that house is listed as one of the most haunted places in Malaysia. Used to be my fave place for photoshoots!

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u can go to villa nabila at Johor??

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okey i want a picture frm outside frm the gate pls?? and hw this house in nowDAYS???

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Can i have the adress of this house ?

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can i have the bukit tunku location pls?

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