Apr 20, 2012

The New Most Haunted Places In Malaysia

NOTE : I would like to apologize as most of the links in this article is broken. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are deeply sad that most of our research and evidence on the old webpage is gone. I will do a follow up article soon and in the meantime i hope you will enjoy reading this article as i have enjoyed writing it. Thank you.

 I am sure many Malaysians have heard plenty of stories about haunted houses and places when they were growing up. Stories that make our spines chill and give us goosebumps. Yes, it is certainly fun to listen to these stories and urban legends until those horror images comes swirling into your mind in the dead of night. Eerie.

What stalks you in the bathroom?

Not forgetting the youngsters who seek these kind of places. Most of the youngsters nowadays seek these haunted places for the adrenaline rush, suspense and sometimes for research purposes. Undoubtedly there are tonnes of places where one can go to be spooked in Malaysia, and where better to gather such information than searching for it in the World Wide Web!

Did you know that if someone were to search the web using the keyword 'Most Haunted Places In Malaysia' the results for the search would normally be this (picture).

Google search result 1
Google search result 2

Now, if you have tried doing so, try opening some of the links listed in the search results. Read through a few of the links posted there. Of course if you're too tired to use the search engine yourself i have prepared a few of these links for your viewing pleasure ( click here , here , here , and here ). These are all webpages that contains information regarding the most haunted places in Malaysia. Now then, anyone would notice that most of the links posted there contain the same places over and over again. 

Kind of dull and boring, isnt it? Getting the same old information and pictures over and over again. If i didnt know better i swear these posts were copied and pasted from other websites. Furthermore, the question that keeps popping in my mind is that: did the writers of these posts actually did go to these places and try them out for themselves before claiming that these places are the most haunted places in Malaysia?

Well, whatever.

Anyway, lets see these most haunted places in Malaysia and list down the ones that are popular and get rid of those unnecessary ones so we could see which ones are the most haunted. Once again, i have taken the liberty of listing them all down for you from many websites, ranging from the most haunted to the least haunted. Yes, for your reading pleasure.

 1. Pudu Jail, Kuala Lumpur
 2. Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur
 3. Highland Towers, Bukit Antarabangsa
 4. Karak Highway, Pahang
 5. Mona Fandey's 'Aeroplane' House, Cheras
 6. Abandoned Bungalows, Bangsar
 7. Kellie's Castle, Perak
 8. Villa Nabila, Johor Bahru

Well now, as a paranormal researcher and investigator myself i dare say that this is a pretty impressive list of hell holes in Malaysia. Lovely. 

Personally i have been to most of the places listed here with my paranormal crew Penyingkap Fakta 666 ( or just 666 in short ) and i must say that the stories and information given in these posts are mostly exaggerated and sometimes inaccurate. Our crew have been to these places and documented our findings for the public. Bear in mind, however, that we are there to uncover the cold hard facts instead of telling urban legends and creating scary stories to be told to people. If you are looking to be scared shitless, i advise you to stop reading this post and buy a ticket to a horror movie for yourself.

However some of our findings and pictures might just give u a scare and surprise you. Psyche!


1. Pudu Jail, Kuala Lumpur

Now evidently this place is said to be one of the most hardcore places in Malaysia. This is the place where humans were sentenced to death and vicious criminals were kept tucked safely away from the public. According to records, Block D which was built 117 years ago, was the building where they held convicts that were to be sentenced to death. Between 1933 to 1960 up to 180 convicts were sentenced to death by hanging. I have been to this place three times for research pruposes, and it still gives me the creeps.

The crews setting up camera in Pudu

Fortunately we did catch something on camera and our video during our investigations. It looked like something staring back at us from one of the holding cells. Coincidentally that was infront of the room where they hung humans to death. Read about it by clicking at this link

2. Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur

Previously knows as Kenny Hills, they say the houses in Bukit Tunku are haunted. Stories of mysterious motorcyclist vanishing in the dark of night, to me is just another folklore. Furthermore, most of the haunted houses in Bukit Tunku have been demolished and built anew. There is however an old British colonial house which has remained hidden away there if you can find it. According to history the old English tenant ended his own life there. 

Old house in Tunku Hills

We went there around 3 times and during the first round some paranormal activity did happen. Of course you can read the whole story here by clicking at this link. The second and third visit and research, nothing happened. So much for being ranked at number two most haunted.

3. Highland Towers, Bukit Antarabangsa

The famous Highland Towers! One of the three main blocks crumbled down to mother Earth on 18th December 1993 taking with it 48 victims on that fateful day. Since then, stories of weird dogs chasing cars in the middle of the night and youngsters being possessed while ghost hunting circulated like wildfire until today. Even the police wouldn't dare to go on a patrol there at night!

Some local productions have also made horror movies at this location itself. The movie, titled Highland Towers, is based on a 'found footage' genre about a group of youngsters who got lost during a paranormal documentary. Unfortunately, the movie sucked. I personally wasted 90 minutes of my life watching this terrible movie. You can read the movie review here, written by my friend Feris Othman Yunos who is a producer, by clicking at this link here

Highland Towers during night time
Interviewed by NTV7 during the investigation

Our crew went there and caught something on camera that looked like a flying baby or a lady. You can read the story by clicking here. Oh, did i forget to mention that among the victims were a 77 year old lady and a 6 months old baby? Coincidence?

4. Karak Highway, Pahang

Yes, we all know the tales of the mysterious Volkswagon, weird ghosts suddenly appearing on the road causing accidents and death, so on and so forth. Karak Highway is a staple ghost story in Malaysian culture. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows about it.

Some of the crews in the Karak investigation

The crew went to investigate this old road but unfortunately due to bad weather, lack of supporting eye witness from the townsfolk who live there and different accounts of exact location makes this place just another Malaysian folklore. I guess whatever it is that supposedly haunted the place has either went away or grew bored of disturbing people. Nevertheless, you can read about our investigation on it here. 

5. Mona Fandeys 'Aeroplane' House, Cheras

I have always seen the picture of this particular house being said that it belongs to Mona Fandey and it is in Cheras. Let me share with you a picture of such claims.

Please know that this house is not located behind Leisurepoint, Cheras. This one particular house is located in Seksyen 12, Shah Alam. I have been to this house with one of my friend Mohd Farid Hamzah twice, we did not get the chance to go in as it is located in the premises of the Selangor Royal Family estate, but it is definitely creepy.  

6. Abandoned Bungalows, Bangsar

This one always cracks me up each time i hear about it. I have been living in Bangsar for the past 13 years and i sure have not seen such abandoned bungalows which are reportedly haunted. So dear readers, there are no such claims of haunted bungalows, but there is a haunted bungalow (no plural) here in Jalan Turi. According to old police record, the security killed two American children and the maid, cut their bodies up intp pieces and dumped them in the sewage tank. Yes, this is a true story.

Some of the evidences found in the house

Been here numerous times. Evidence of the kids school books and toys are still there. A piece of advice: if anyone is going for ghost hunts at the house, please leave the things as they are so other people can see the evidence as well. You can read the story of our visit to the house here. I once personally saw a silhoutte of a child waving at me from the balcony when i was driving home a while back. Nice eyh?


There is a new update regarding this legendary Jalan Turi house in Bangsar. To see the updated entry and pictures, click here

7. Kellie's Castle, Perak

Reports of strange screaming at nights, doors closing on their own and sightings of a little girl that was reported to have died there. Have been there once without the paranormal crew. I asked the keeper of the place about the weird things happening there, he just shrugged his shoulders and said "We have not had those things happening in years now. Probably it has gone away".

Since he does not give permission to conduct an investigation, i guess i shall have to believe his words then. Maybe one day soon, who knows eh?

8. Villa Nabila, Johor Bahru

The infamous Villa Nabila, situated in Danga Bay. Lots of stories here. History says that the previous tenants of the house were killed in a house robbery and since then its been haunted. Some paranormal investigators went 'missing' inside the house and only got out just right after dawn.

The recent case of 23 kids disappearing at the Villa Nabila haunted house in Johor Bahru shocked the whole nation, even though it was a hoax. Nevertheless, a government servant who was at the scene the day after took a weird picture of himself.. with a 'face' in the background. Pictures and story can be read by clicking here

 So there you go. The old 'Most Haunted Places In Malaysia' updated with evidence and proof. For the time being i think i shall continue with the conclusion of this entry in the next post. If you are interested in seeing some Random Paranormal Snapshots in Malaysia, click here

Until next time! 

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Ema_Sad said...

baru nk suara kan pendapat untuk pergi buat tinjau di villa nabila dh keluar pown explanation dia...

Alison Alison said...

Bukit tunku is a bloody Maze,but the bangsar hse looks good

marleen hoftijzer said...

Hi! We are Dutch journalists currently in Kuala Lumpur, chasing down ghost stories. Maybe you can help us out? We are only here this week, so it's a bit of a hurry-thing, but you can reach me on 0172304640!


menanti dirimu said...

villa nabila masih wujud..adik saya baru gi thn lepas....seram....

faizal ariff said...

Rumah kt seksyen 12 Shah alam so called 'rumah mona fendey' tu x de pape pun. That house just infront of my house. Nice house anyway but it's not belong to mona fendey

faizal ariff said...

Rumah kt seksyen 12 Shah Alam so called 'rumah mona fendey' tu x de pape pun. That house just infront of my house. Nice house anyway. Btw that house doens't belong to mona fendey

Peter Gomes said...

A ghost stories needs a plot. The reader craves a reason to continue to peruse the pages. An eye-catching beginning, a breathless middle, and a satisfying ending are paramount.

Tiara Shakeerah said...

I've been to Kellie's Castle for night tour. I had some scary moments there, it was last year (2014).

sellva saran said...

Bangsar house no more brother

King Khaled said...

I went to bukit tunku alone at night 2 and it really gave me the spooks . The dogs were shouting continuosly and after a certain road the lights doesnt work anymore so its really dark in their