Nov 2, 2012

Random Paranormal Snapshots in Malaysia

Entry Is Last Updated On 16/10/2013

Social media is a very powerful tool indeed. With it you can do almost anything. From socialising with new people, fight for a cause, making money and sometimes some of us do find love from this technology. Whatever it is, the uses to this tool is limitless.

One particular social media platform that i am using quite frequently nowadays (okay, the word addicted is more precise), is Twitter. It is fast, easier to manage and use, growing exponentially across the world and the best thing about it is: the ease of use when you're always on the go.

As usual, i use Twitter for my paranormal research and work.

During my short 'tenure' on Twitter, i have received some weird and ghastly pictures sent in by other Twitter users. Some are just pictures of mere lights and bug reflections while some are really weird and creepy. I just thought it would be nice if i shared some of the pictures with all of you.

Right hand corner of the picture

Left hand corner

In the background

Looks like someone in the background
Picture taken in Brunei during a 'tahlil' ceremony

Gambar dari Alor Setar, Kedah
Imej entiti didakwa toyol

Gambar diatas merupakan gambar dari Alor Setar, Kedah dan diambil oleh Nur Zahirah bte Zulkifly. Ketika itu dia memberitahu sedang mengambil gambar adik dia Nur Zaimah apabila dia tiba tiba perasan salah satu gambarnya kelihatan agak pelik. 

Entiti diatas didakwa sebagai toyol. Gambar tersebut diambil selang beberapa saat sahaja.

Gambar diatas pula diterima dari Ustaz Zaharuddin Zainal seorang perawat tradisional yang diambil di rumah salah seorang pesakitnya. Pesakit kerapkali diganggu dan cucunya mendakwa seringkali ternampak entiti ini berada di dalam rumah.

The picture shown above was submitted to me by my aunt and was taken at a residential area in Sungai Buloh, Selangor. The event organizer snapped a couple of photos before the wedding started and they caught something in the second and third pictures.

When asked, the residents there admit that there is an 'entity' roaming around at night at the area.

The recent case of 23 kids disappearing at the Villa Nabila haunted house in Johor Bahru shocked the whole nation, even though it was a hoax. Nevertheless, a government servant who was at the scene the day after took a weird picture of himself.. with a 'face' in the background.

As there were no flashlights used when this picture was taken, it sure is a mystery when you look at the picture. Picture was sent to me by one of my friend Zulhazri Abu Bakar who is a crime journalist residing in Johor Bahru.

Zulhazri who was at the scene when the news of the missing 23 kids broke out, did a comprehensive report on the issue. Read the full story by clicking here.

I would like to thank those who submitted these pictures to me. I cant remember your tweethandle but you know who you are. 

Such pictures are weird and creepy. Whether if it is a picture of an entity or not, you judge for yourself.

You can submit your pictures to me by emailing me or tweet me at my tweethandle; @adamvai

Have a great day now! :)

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