Jun 17, 2013

Paranormal Interview With BFM Radio and Poskod Malaysia

A few weeks ago i was interviewed by the people from BFM Radio regarding the topic of paranormal activities in Malaysia for their I Love KL segment. It was a great interview where good questions were asked and personal experiences were shared among us.

Interviewed by Terence Toh and Shefah Szetu from BFM

A tweet from @BFMradio's twitter account

Half of the questions were about me and how i got into this spiritual consultancy business. My first encounter with a ghost, some of the haunted places i have been to and so on and so forth.

While the other part of the interview is about ghost hunting (what to do and what not to do), how paranormal / spiritual world has any relevance to properties in Malaysia and and the best place to explore and conduct paranormal hunts.

The interview is in the format of a podcast. You can listen to it either by downloading the podcast here or by listening to it online below. The player may not be available in some mobile browser, which i would recommend clicking on the link i have provided above. The interview is about 25 minutes.

Besides the interview, the journalist Terence Toh also wrote an article about his own short trip to the Bukit Tunku house, which can be read by clicking here. Head on over to the site to see what he found there.

I hope it could shed some light into the questions that listeners and readers may have about the spiritual world. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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