Apr 5, 2013

Paranormal Research All The Way From Amsterdam!

A few months ago i was contacted by two gorgeous women. Those two women were Zoe Huitema and Marleen Hoftijzer. Both of them told me that they were from the University of Amsterdam and doing a research paper about paranormal activities in Malaysia.

I was quite surprised at their request, as not many Europeans are interested in the paranormal scene in Malaysia. However, it is intriguing to know that both of them have come so far for their research. They requested to interview me regarding my activities in the Malaysian paranormal and spiritual scene.

Seeing as how they are passionate about their work and research, i agreed to meet them in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. Meeting them with me on that day was Razali Harun and Rapunzel Dada. We had a good short interview regarding the activities and findings of our paranormal group 666.

Which a few days afterwards both of the girls agreed to follow the crew on a ghost hunt expedition. Afterwards, they seemed happy. Very happy, if i might add.

They published an article on their research and expeditions while they were in Malaysia. You can find the link to their website by clicking here.

You gotta know how to speak Dutch if you were to understand the article on the website. I have taken the liberty to translate the article using Google Translate so you (and me) could read it.

As you are well aware of, Google Translate is not 100% correct in terms of grammar and there may be some words in which the application could not translate. Well, as long as you can understand the article, eyh?

*Translated text

In the middle of the night team collects 666 on abandoned places in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. The clocks have beaten midnight and most people are already on one ear. The perfect time for a group to HEUZE ghostbusters, armed with their equipment, the darkness to slip. "Silent Mouse and hurry," hisses someone in the dark. "Flashlights and be careful!" 

Team 666, they look impressive, decked out with thousands of dollars in equipment, infrared cameras with bewegingscensoren to hyper sensitive sound detectors, and all in their black shirt with the team logo 666. That number has nothing to do with devils practices, but is a comedic reference to the Malaysian emergency number 999. The group of ghost hunters have ie all except malicious intent. "We just want to prove the truth." 

Despite these good intentions, the family of Jet definitely do not know how she spends her Saturday nights. Jet is the only woman in the group of ghost hunters. A Muslim lady in the middle of the night to wander around abandoned places, and then also in the company of a group of men. This is not according to the Islamic etiquette in Malaysia, she explains, if the group has received the sign aloud allowed to talk. "But we're just a group of good friends."This is not surprising, given the amount of time the ghost hunters together. "We do this, if possible, every Saturday night." 

Besides exploring a number of members each week the haunted locations in daylight, so the security risks to estimate. This tells Jet in the dark now exactly which way to walk to the toilet area of ​​the former derelict building to find where the group has already collected. From the empty concrete room is open view on the wasteland where twenty years ago a building collapsed.Due to heavy rainfall is the place, a hill in an expensive neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur, in 1993 subsided. Because it happened during the day and many people at school or at work were, there were 'only' 48 deaths. The adjacent building, where the group is now their infrared cameras to install, was condemned as a precaution and has since become empty. But how uninhabited deserted place really is, you might ask. 

 "There are still regularly observed activities," says expedition leader Razarro out. "Local residents heard cries of children and seeing apparitions of an old woman and a baby." The group was already at this location, then put a luminous human figure on the sensitive plate. Now they are back with coarser guns.

The Truth 
If the group through the concrete carcass of the huge building to the third floor runs, Jet comes with her digital camera aangesneld. Proudly she lets the others photographed orb seen. Orbs are according to Adam, the leader of the group, one of the ways to demonstrate scientifically appearances. Because they are objectively defined, is the evidence also established. And that's where Team 666 is all about."We do not want to create sensation. None of us is doing this for money. We do not get paid and stabbing our own time, energy, money and our hearts herein. We will never pretend. If an evening nothing happens, then there is simply nothing happened, "explains Mazidul out.  

Mazidul, after Adam, the second big name within the group. "I am a Malaysian known. I have worked a lot on television and I write a blog with lots of followers. I do not have to do it for the fame. We do this in order to investigate a story. We just want to show the truth. "Even now there is the possibility of an online program about the adventures of the group, giving all members not to depart from their principles. The program should be about more than just bringing an exciting ghost story.  

"Thanks to modern technology lie and cheat so easily become" Mazidul goes further. "We want anyway in our core business remain purely by sharing our experience. In the program we want to put the focus on the history of the sites. If one night then no ghosts appear, we have still to tell a story. If nothing happens, it is still informative. And that's what we are all about. The objective truth to the world. Even if the program is not running, there is no man overboard. For we will continue to do so. This is where our heart is. " 

Suddenly creates commotion and everyone is encouraged to do the flashlights. There are cars down at the foot of the hill, in the glare of the headlights looming shadows on a handful of people. "Probably people who want an exciting evening," whispers Mazidul. "Tough with your girl walking through a haunted house to impress. Works every time, "he chuckles behind.  

Mouse Still waiting on the team in the dark, they want the interest of the group of young people not stir. With their presence, the ghost hunting should be abandoned and we also have all the expensive equipment is still unattended downstairs in the building. The team will therefore visibly relieved when people after a few minutes, drain. "Otherwise we chased them away. They must be afraid of us than the other way around. "For fear the members of Team-666 does not. Each team member has a period of three months, several passed tests to prove that they can handle this. Not out stoerdoenerij, but for safety. 

"When people are scared, they do crazy things. We work with a buddy system, where we stay together when we go out. If someone from panic something stupid, have an effect on the whole group. "Moreover, according to the group little to fear, except the errors that they themselves can make when the adrenaline gets too high. Spirits because you do not fear. "There has never been a ghost in court condemned", says Mazidul. "Spirits killings, rape and steal. That only humans do. "And he knows all about it, because for years he presented a television program in which he and the police tracked down criminals. "We have now, therefore, never be afraid that the police bothering us when we are nocturnal expedition. They all know me, otherwise I know their boss is. " 

After the group the nerves of the break there has been laughing with one another on the photos to go, they continue their way up. Since they do an unexpected discovery. One of the members takes between a few loose pieces left empty timber on the concrete floor a pile of notebooks. On closer inspection prove the school notebooks from 1991 to, two years before the adjacent tower collapsed. Jet browse through the scriptures. One of them is a love letter from the young writer to a classmate.  

There's a loaded silence. "Weird that it still is. The buildings are really laying on the floor coverings and emptied often enough in recent years visited by adventure-seeking teens and drug addicts who sought refuge. "The team decided to collect the equipment again. With the scriptures in their hand they pause a moment to the intense silence of the place and the immense view from the hill over the city to accept them.  

Since the walls in the evacuation of the building are also broken away, offers the haunted tower empty carcass of a truly breathtaking view of the Petronas towers flashing in the distance, until not so long ago, the highest towers in the world. When leaving the site, three cars full of teenage boys hit. Team-666 sigh. A dozen teenagers will both raised the spirits and the silence does not bring salvation.

You can find the original article by clicking on this link.

Once again, i would like to say thank you for the article. It was a pleasure having you girls in Malaysia the other day. If you do come down here again, be sure to let us know! 

Last but not least..

Til next time!


*All pictures and texts excerpts taken from http://www.verspers.nl/

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