Mar 14, 2013

What Happened To Him?

A couple of months ago i had this idea about a new paranormal documentary project. After much planning i finally got a group of close friends who share the same passion with me to work on this project. Each with their own set of skills and specialty, we set out to find some ghouls at these haunted places.

Aside from me, none of my friends which is working together with me on this project has ever actually gone on a ghost hunt before. My friends whom are working with me on this project are Fadzly Tajuddin , Feris Othman , Joe Lee , Tan Sian Hoo , Isya Sulaiman and Jeeva Jepp . An interesting mix of people, all from different backgrounds.

Last week we went on our first paranormal documentary which we recorded on video. As with other ghost hunting expeditions i have lead, safety is the main priority.

However, accidents do happen no matter how careful we are. Good thing it happened to me and not the other crews.

Accidentally stepped on a rusty nail

Furthermore, something seem to happen with one of the crew when we were on site.

Wanna know what happened? Wait for our short video documentary which will be posted soon to see what actually happened and what we got as evidence.

Wait for it!


Alison Alison said...

Once upon a time when I was 18...
Those were the days

Jessie Marie said...

Where can I see the documentary?